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Bethany Berka, director of Northwoods Pregnancy Resource Center celebrates this good news! 

We have a big “Praise God” for our Northwoods Pregnancy Resource Center that just opened in the region. We had a banquet in November and had 168 people attend. God blessed us with over $9,000.00 in gifts during the banquet with pledges for an additional $800.00 per month support. That was bigger than our expectations. We had representatives from churches all over Sawyer County attend. It is truly a movement of God in our area. We are now officially affiliated with Care Net, the national pro life organization.  If you’d like more information, see 


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Joanne Larson, wife of Pastor Rod Larson of Salem Baptist Church in Ashland, WI  received the 2010 Kohl Fellowship award from the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation.  Joanne was recognized for her outstanding accomplishments. Praise God!


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