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Great Lakes Baptist Conference

Mailing Address
Great Lakes Baptist Conference (GLBC)
P.O. Box 14745
Madison, WI 53708-0745

Street Address (in the Park Bank building)
2810 Crossroads Dr., Ste LL1
Madison, WI 53718

608.244.5000 (phone)
608.244.7155 (fax)

Executive Management Team

Dr. Dwight Perry
District Executive Minister (DEM)
President, Loan & Investment Fund
(c) 708-670-2630

Dr. Stu Dix
(c) 608-482-2206

Danny Parmelee
Dir. of Church Plant Recruitment
(c) 414-810-8210

Russ Shearer
Director of Coaching and Training
(920) 487-3906

Since privacy is very important to all of us, we want to protect our mailing lists and screen all who would care to contact them. This policy is for churches, organizations or individuals who choose to send unsolicited information to the GLBC constituency by post or e-mail.

i. Individuals or organizations desiring to utilize any GLBC directories or mailing lists with the intent of contacting GLBC constituents must secure authorization from GLBC Director of Communication. This pertains to those persons or churches who are not currently affiliated or authorized with the GLBC.
ii. The GLBC has a policy that prohibits the sale of mailings list or directories.
iii. Those desiring the use of GLBC logos, letterheads, or other marketing media shall secure authorization from the GLBC Director of Communication prior to such use.
iv. Persons desiring to contact GLBC churches may create their own mailing lists based on publicly available addresses and phone numbers.

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