How Do You Measure Reality?

“Reality is our friend.”  So the saying goes.  My question for the partner churches of Converge Great Lakes/Great Lakes Baptist Conference is, “How do you measure reality in your ministry?”  Is ‘reality’ the feedback you receive after the message on Sunday?  Is ‘reality’ the comments your wife or kids make at the Sunday dinner table?  Is ‘reality’ found in the words of the ‘joy sucker’ who wants to share a word of wisdom with you on Monday morning?  Is ‘reality’ the dynamics (or dysfunction) of the interaction of your leadership team?  How do you measure reality in your ministry?

Reality is our friend, especially if we want effective and fruitful churches.  One of the reasons the Converge Great Lakes mobilization team exists is to help you discover what is really happening in your ministry so you can prayerfully seek God for what’s next.  We have assessment tools for both church and pastoral health and vitality.  We have trained coaches in both the Converge Worldwide/BGC ReTool Kit Mobilization Pathway and the five step Natural Church Development Process.  God uses those tools to shape and sharpen his people.

If you want to see your church be even healthier and more effective than it is, or if you just want your church to become healthy and effective, doesn’t it make sense to know where you are at right now?  Embrace reality and see what God might do!

Call or email me so we can talk about discovering reality. As Scripture says, “Make the most of every opportunity for doing good in these evil days.” – Ephesians 5:16 (NLT)

Dr. Dwight Perry


Interim Assoc DEM of Mobilization