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The following table is a library of all documents available on the GLBC website. To acquire additional material not posted on this site, please contact the GLBC office or phone 608 244 5000.

Name  Modified  Description  Type  Size  File 
2008 Fall Area Meeting Flyer 11/09/082008 Fall Area Meeting Flyer PDF 300KB  
2008 Pastors Prayer Gathering 08/17/08Pastors Prayer Gathering Word 30kb  
2009 Pastors and Wives Retreat 12/04/082009 Pastors and Wives Retreat PDF 464KB  
Christmas at Amazon 11/13/08Christmas at Amazon Word 151kb  
Church Planting Initiatives 2008 08/03/08Regional Training Center and Church Planting Advancement Word 189kb  
Computer Information for Payroll Form 09/14/08Computer Information for Payroll Form Excel 22kb  
Cross Cultural Initiatives 2008 08/03/08American Indian Initiative Word 182kb  
Employee Payroll Packet 09/14/08Payroll Packet for each Employee Word 783kb  
GLBC Annual Meeting Giving Survey Synopsis 04/07/07Giving Survey Synopsis Word 63kb  
GLBC Annual Report Book 2008 10/23/08GLBC Annual Report Book Word 3.2MB  
GLBC Church Direct Withdrawal Authorization 09/14/08For churches who wish to donate via ACH to the GLBC or to church planters Word 71KB  
GLBC Church Payroll Direct Withdrawal Authorization Form 09/14/08For churches joining the GLBC payroll service Word 24kb  
GLBC Direct Deposit Authorization Form 09/14/08GLBC Direct Deposit Authorization Form PDF 41kb  
GLBC Health Insurance Plan Employee Application 09/14/08Small employer uniform employee application for group health insurance in the State of Wisonsin PDF 111kb  
GLBC Individual Direct Withdrawal Authorization form 09/14/08GLBC Individual Direct Withdrawal Authorization form Word 72kb  
GLBC Lay Leadership Training 12/20/06GLBC Lay Leadership Training Power Point 196KB  
GLBC Operational Plan 10/17/06The operational plan of the Great Lakes Baptist Conference seeks to put flesh to the bones of our twenty seven initiatives. Word 230kb  
GLBC Women Speakers’ Team 2008 01/13/08GLBC Women Speakers’ Team 2008 Word 42kb  
GLBC flowchart 11/11/07GLBC flowchart PDF 81kb  
Keeping Church Records 04/07/06Help with keeping church records Word 114kb  
Leadership Development Initiative 10/30/06Leadership Development Initiative Word 110kb  
Leadership Development Initiative 10/30/06Leadership Development Initiative PDF 148kb  
Navigating Pastoral Transitions 07/20/06Navigating Pastoral Transitions PDF 48234kb  
Operation Mobilization 04/07/07The recommended Church Mobilization Process Word 235kb  
Operation Mobilization 04/07/07The recommended Church Mobilization Process PDF 166kb  
Payroll Agreement Form 09/14/08Payroll Agreement Form Word 24kb  
Resources for Youth Ministry 05/27/05A list of recommended resources for student ministries Word 43kb  
Timeline to Retool Kit Process 04/07/07Timeline to Retool Kit Process Word 1455kb  
USDJ Employment Eligibility Verification Form 09/14/08USDJ Employment Eligibility Verification Form PDF 490kb  

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